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The Best Beaches On Oahu

Where to put your mat down for a guaranteed great day!

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach on Oahu

This term actually covers the stretch of oceanfront stretching from the Hilton Hawaiian Village almost to Diamond Head. You can’t go too wrong no matter where you lay down your towel. Generally calm waters, beautiful, clear ocean and plenty of the best people watching in Hawaii.

There are even walled in lagoon areas to protect you from strong currents or watercraft that go a little too fast. After a full day of sun & sand, walk to any numbers of restaurants to fill up for more fun!

Kailua Beach Park
Kailua Beach on Oahu

Another one that’s always toward, or at, the top of ‘Best Beaches’ lists. The sand is smooth and warm, the ocean sparkles and there’s plenty of scenery to enjoy. The surf is generally calm year-round so taking a dip is always going to be an option. Come here, kick back and let Mother Nature massage you to full relaxation. Does get crowded at times, especially weekends.

Bayview Beach
Bayview Beach on North Shore Oahu

Located near Kahuku, this beach offers what most North Shore beaches can’t – a safe place to swim. The North Shore is famous for huge waves, but that leaves most of us as spectators. Go here when you want the luxury of inviting sand and a welcoming ocean. This beach is literally near the North point of Oahu, next door to the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort. The crowds never get too big and the water is always crystal blue. Definitely worth the drive.

Kahana Bay Beach Park
Kahana Bay

How can the perfect beach be even better? In Kahana Bay Beach Park's case it's the fact that most don't know about it! Unlike Kailua, which attracts scores of locals and tourists, Kahana remains mostly off the radar.

The gigantic, emerald green Koolau mountains surround you as you lay on the sand and feel the stress fade away. The water isn't the best for swimmers, but for beachcombers and sunbathers, this is hard to beat!

Waimea Bay

When you hear 'Waimea Bay' you think world-class North Shore surfing. In fact, if you're here in the winter months the traffic on and off the beach can be crowded. Everyone wants to see the big waves. These are also the months to stay out of the water due to the strong currents. Year-round, though, it's a big, wide beach area with room for everyone. In summer, feel free to take a swim and enjoy the cooling water. Soft sand, a legendary site and the warm Aloha make this a must experience!

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