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On Kauai, they're determined to "Keep the Country Country", as they say. That desire has retained a piece of old Hawaii that is disappearing on the other Islands. Off-the-beaten-path could describe much of the Island.

Na Pali Coast on KauaiWhat is there to see? More than you probably will have time for.

Kauai Regions - What's There & What To See

The western side of the Island contains charming little towns like Hanapepe. There's also Kokee State Park, which has miles of hiking trails to satisfy both casual and hardy hikers.

On the East Side of Kauai is where Lihue is found, the largest town and where you'll arrive when your plane lands. It is comparatively busier than the rest of the Island, but don't expect anything resembling a brisk Mainland pace. It's just a tad quicker than the leisurely stroll that characterizes the majority of Kauai.

Wailua on Kauai Coconut Coast

On the southern coast is Poipu, whose namesake beach has won the crown of 'America's Best Beach'. After a soak, head over to Old Koloa town, which you'll enter through the Tree Tunnel, a line of eucalyptus trees that forms an arch overhead as you come into a community that looks like something from over a century ago. The quaint old wooden structures still live in Koloa and you'll treasure your time on its avenues.

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Kauai is the Island for those who like life to go a little slower and love the small tropical towns. In many ways coming to Kauai is like visiting Hawaii of the 1940's or earlier. Buildings of 1 or 2 stories are the norm and serenity is the rule. If you're from New York City, bring your earmuffs. The quiet might just be deafening.

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