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Vacation where the brightest lights at night come from the other Islands off in the distance!

Molokai is a world all its own. You can sum it up in an often repeated piece of advice - 'Slow down. You're on Molokai'. If you're smart you will, because that's how life is lived on this Island. Slower.

Large areas of Molokai were set aside as Hawaiian Homelands, for those of Native Hawaiian blood to live on. They make up the majority of the residents and thus have a large impact on the life here. Though they warmly welcome tourists, they do not want to be overwhelmed by the industry. It makes for a very singular experience, giving you a special side of Hawaii that's absent or obscured everywhere else.

A Molokai Vacation - Something Truly Different

Molokai is for those who truly want to get in touch with the simpler life. Here the shops all close early. Nightlife means an evening enjoying the stars or singing with friends gathered outside in the cool air.

Camping is one very popular way to enjoy the Island. Along with Three Mile Beach (Papohaku Beach), overnight(s) stays are welcomed in Palaau State Park, which offers scenic lookouts over the Kalaupapa peninsula below. One popular stop in the park is the famous Phallic Rock, which is said to have the power to grant pregnancy. Proceed with caution.

For sea life fans, you couldn't do any better. Molokai has the longest fringing reef in all Hawaii. Imagine swimming with sea turtles, colorful reef fish and even manta rays in immaculate waters. For a time, you are part of their world. You'll be diving into domain that has had few visitors, making this experience even more special, if that's possible..

A Molokai vacation isn't for everyone. There are no luxury resorts or malls here. Not even close. It's a special place, though, and for many it is something they wouldn't miss for the world.


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