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Driving Around Maui

Like some of the other Islands, driving distance sometimes doesn't translate to typical trip times. The prime example of this is the Hana Highway. Take the drive to Hana from Kahului and your odomoter will register 50 miles added on. Your watch, though, will show over 2 1/2 hours goone by - and that's if you don't make any stops. Hard to do when there are so much you'll want to take a longer look at, not just blow by.

One benefit of staying in the southwestern shore area is that you can easily travel between Lahaina, Wailea, Kahului & Wailuku withiin a maximum of about 30 miles between them. The resort towns of Kaanapali & Lahaina are just 3 miles apart, practically walking distance.

If you're planning on seeing the Haleakala sunrise, remembr that it's 2 hours from Kaanapali to the top, where the viewing is best. That's non-stop, by the way. Though Maui is not one of the larger of the Hawaiian Islands, it still has a greater geographical than most realize on their first visit.

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