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Getting Around Lanai

Just about all the attractions on Lanai are within an hour's drive from wherever you are on the Island. There may still be some travel time on foot, like the 20 or so minute walk to reach Shipwreck Beach once you park. However, getting around won't take up a lot of your time. From Lanai City, in the center of the Island, you should count on 20 minutes to get to Manele Bay on the South shore or 1/2 hour from the town to Shipwreck Beach on the north.

One important thing to know - getting some places, like Shipwreck Beach will require a 4 Wheel Drive vehicle. Be sure to rent one if you're planning to go anywhere off the beaten track, which is a lot of Lanai. You'll find tours and services to take you if riding seems a better option than driving. It's all part of Island life!

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