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Molokai - 'The Hawaiian Island'

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Like the other Islands, a vacation on Molokai has its own, very special feel. Why is Molokai 'The Hawaiian Island'? Because Native Hawaiians make up the majority of the population of just 7,000 people. Many of them still live off the land through hunting, fishing & agriculture, practicing the traditional life as no other Island. It's where you more than step into Old Hawaii. In many ways you plant both feet squarely in it. It's an Island of One road and Zero tour buses. Of perfect beaches that you'll often have all to yourself. Where a mule ride is the only way down to the lower peninsula. That's Molokai.

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    Sacred Halawa Valley, Guide Required

    Like Kalaupapa, this is a place that mixes jaw dropping scenery with rich history. Due to sensitivity for this place, you should only visit with a Native Hawaiian guide. Go any other way and you will be trespassing.

    Your guide is more than a passport. You will see sacred sites and learn their significance and events that shaped Ancient Hawaii. You'll also see breath-taking scenery, including waterfalls that are the highest in the Islands.

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    The Ride of Your Life

    A picture. You riding on a donkey down a winding trail on the side of green cliffs, with views of sparkling blue ocean and a small settlement below. The little town looks like it was perfectly preserved 100 years ago. You're on your way to Kalaupapa.

    Kalaupapa is unlike anywhere else. It's not just a place that time seems to have forgotten, it's also has an incredible history. Here people afflicted with Hansen's Disease (leprosy) were exiled, never to see their family or friends ever again.

    When you return back up the cliffs, it'll be with a new, deeper appreciation for life and for those who dwelt in Kalaupapa.

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    Three Mile Beach - & That's No Exaggeration!

    Also known as Papahakou Beach, you're literally looking at 3 miles of welcoming sands spread across the coast of West Molokai. It's not just long, either, it's also 100 yards wide, making it one of the biggest beaches in the Islands.

    The sun and surf are enough to make this a Must See, but it can also be a Must Stay! Campers and outdoor lovers come from all over to put up their tents within earshot of the ocean that'll lull you to sleep each night. Showers, restrooms and campsites are all in place here to make it even easier to rough it, Island style.

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