Map of Kauai

Driving Around Kauai

One questions people often ask is whether you can drive around the entire Island of Kauai. The answer is No. The North coastline gets very rough so there are no roads once you reach the Na Pali coastline on the West side. However, you can still make the up or down the East coastline from the North, around Princeville and Hanalei. A trip from Princeville to Waimea, on the Southwest shore, is about a 2 hour drive. Keep in mind that this is without stops to enjoy the scenery or some good local food, which are usually part of why you're on Kauai, right?

That 2 hour is your basic measuring stick for the outer limits of getting someplace on Kauai. The one exception is Kokee State Park, in the Northwest corner, which can take an extra 20 minutes over that mark from the North Shore, 1 1/2 hours from the East coast. No matter how long the trip takes, though, the journey is half the fun on Kauai!

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