Wedding Photo on Kauai Beach

Getting Married on Kauai

A Kauai wedding guarantees memories for a lifetime. You'll forever look back on a day that was extra special because of the beauty that witnessed your commitment to each other.

Beach Wedding on KauaiWant to have your wedding on Kauai? You're in good company. In fact, one of the local sayings is that the most common visitors to Kauai are the 'Getting Married or Nearly Buried'.

This Island is a big favorite for couples beginning their lives together because of its idyllic tropical Island setting. Plus the fact that you can go straight from the wedding to your honeymoon. You don't need to go anywhere because you're already in one of the most romantic places on Earth!

The Beach Wedding of Your Dreams

You have a lot of choices for the always popular beach wedding, including ones in Hanapepe, Poipu and the many Coconut Coast stretches on the East. One of the very best is Lydgate Beach Park, not only for its scenery but its accessibility and size. It's large expanse offers better privacy for couples and their guests on this most important of days. Being away from distractions, crowd noise and other intrusions are vital to the proceedings.

If you prefer to stay away from the sand, at least for the actual ceremony, you have plenty of sites with luscious greenery and gorgeous scenery that are the perfect symbols of the joy and growth you're looking forward to in the time ahead.

Wedding Photo by Waterfall on KauaiA few things you should know: You will need to get your Hawaii marriage license. It isn't difficult, but it is required before you can start your lives together. Find out what you'll need to do, and where, on the Hawaii State DOH Marriage page.

What's most important is that you find a local wedding planner who knows the Island and the best possible sites for your very special day. A favorite of ours is Aloha Ever After. Check out their wedding packages and photos from past clients.

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