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The Big Island has beautiful beaches and ocean, just like the other Islands. But what makes it stand out is the pure display of Nature's strength in so many forms. And it exists here as nowhere else!

The Big Island is the youngest of the Hawaiian Islands as well as the biggest. You can fit all the other Islands combined inside its borders. This size has granted it an incredible array of environments. Of the Earth's 13 recognized climate zones, 11 of them exist in this one place. From tropical beaches to rainforests to even areas of desert, you have an incredible, contrasting collection of settings to explore.

For many, the decision to come to the Big Island is made just from the desire to see Kilauea erupting in all its glory. To actually see this happening, even from a safe distance, is to truly understand the potency and force that exists within the Earth. It's a lesson in the might of the natural world that we often forget is out there. You'll return home with stories you'll be compelled to share with those near you.

Big Island Has a Calmer Side Too

Waipio ValleyThere's also an abundance of Hawaii's calmer beauty to revel in as well. Places like Waipio Valley, the many beautiful beaches on the Kona coast or the historic Kailua Village. You have plenty of choices when you're ready to relax and just let all the activity slow down for a while. When you're ready to pick it back up again, you can do that, no problem.

The vast landscape of the Big Island also have made it a fantastic place for off-roading and ATV driving. The rugged terrain raises the bar on the fun and adventure you can have at a variety of sites spread out across this isle. If you want your thrills on the water, take your pick - do some deep sea fishing, encounter manta rays in the deep at night or do as the locals do and surf the waves.

If you're wondering about beaches, not to worry. The Big Island has a lot of them and they're wonderful! The surf and sun is just as inviting here as on the sister Islands down the chain. If you want to find a place to lay out and forget it all, you have plenty of choices.

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