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What To Know Before Your Lanai Vacation

Lanai is where you come to experience the kind of life that makes one feel like royalty, without the responsibilities. From having the run of this jewel of an Island to the absolute best in resort life, this is what a vacation should be.

Lanai's modern history has been a peculiar one. The entire Island was owned by the Dole company, growing pineapples that brought a small part of Hawaii into homes all over the world. This made it a very distinctive community. If you lived on Lanai you worked for the plantation in some way. If you were fired, that meant leaving Lanai. Homes were built by the company for the workers, resulting in the Plantation Style architecture that has made its impact not only here, but the other Islands as well.

With the decline of the agricultural industry in Hawaii, Lanai changed to serve the now booming tourism industry. It would not be the typical tourist who would be catered to, though. The One Owner factor made it possible for them to truly customize their focus, so they put out the welcome mat for an upscale, higher end traveler.

Today's Lanai - Playground of Paradise

This has allowed Lanai, to this very day, to hang onto the incredible beauty of her land. There's been no need to build up as there has been on other Islands. The tourism development footprint has remained very, very small, despite being the primary industry. The Island is, in many ways, one huge resort for you to play on.

It's Time to Get Your Lanai Vacation Going

Get away from your hotel and you'll rarely encounter other people around the Island. At times you just might have the beach to yourselves. That's what Lanai is about. The intimate, private moments that are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve on other Islands. Come spread your wings a little in peace, without losing any of the luxuries that make being here a world-class vacation.

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