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Oahu Driving Distances & Times

The fact that Oahu is more built up means you have plenty of highways and roads to get you wherever you're going. There are a lot of services who'll take you from Waikiki right to the most popular attractions, including the Arizona Memorial, Polynesian Cultural Center and Hanauma Bay. If you choose to go to only a few activities outside Waikiki during your stay you may not even need a car.

However, if you are driving, the issue isn't the roads, it's the traffic, which piles up especially on H1 and Nimitz Highway during the morning and evening rush hour times. That's what'll slow you down. Under normal conditions, though, you can make it to the North Shore in an hour from Waikiki on the south shore.

Continuing along the coast and down the Eastern side of Oahu can be easily done in a day, including stops for sampling local food and enjoying the sights, including picture taking, of course. It's a beautiful drive and definitely worth your time.

Oahu also has the most extensive public transportation system in the Islands as well. You can get to a lot of places using it, including the Beach Bus (#22), which goes by Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach and Sea Life Park along the southeastern shore. It literally goes right along the coast giving you some of the greatest views you'll ever get from a city bus! Get more info here: The Bus

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